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RISING BOLLARD - 1 Bollard - Barrier Lenght: 50cm

Code: 071
RISING BOLLARD - 1 Bollard - Barrier Lenght: 50cm

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POWER : 220 V AC


TRUNK : 5 mm wide steel cylinder


CYLINDER DIMENSIONS : Diameter: 300 mm Height: 110 mm /Diameter: 273 mm Height: 700 mm

BARRIER HEIGHT : 50 cm or 70 cm

CONTROL : For acess triggering dry-contact, 3-50 DC boost, TTL or CMOS control can be used.

SYSTEM : Features microprocessor controlled design. Works two ways in upward and downward directions.

PERFORMANCE PERIOD&SPEED : Suitable for continuous performance. Duration of upward/downward action and speed can be set within the 2-4 second range. With its emergency mode signal feature, system can reverse its direction of movement before completing its intial task. In case of emergency or power outage, pump equipped with an arm and an external pressure evacuation valve is available for manual raising or lowering of the bollard.

CONTROL&DISPLAY PANELS : There is a dot-matrix LCD display screen on the microprocessor control panel. Current action and position of the system can be monitored throught the display screen. This special feature empowers the user with speedy and prompt intervention and control of the system. Phase and power overload protection units, fuses, peripheral connection relays and loop-sensor sockets are also located on the control board.

APPLICATION : Different voltage support is available. Suitable solutions can be provided depending on the needs.

INSTALLATION : Assembly kit allows fast and easy installation.

WARRANTY : 2 years.

CERTIFICATES : CE(73/23/EEC;93/68/EEC, prEN 12453, EN 50133-1), ISO 9001:2008