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POWER : 200 - 240 V AC



DIMENSIONS : 25 X 40 X100 cm

ARM LENGTH : 330 cm, 480 cm and 600 cm standard or custom

BODY : 1,25 mm 304 grade stainless steel, electrostatic dye on 5mm composite or 0,8mm galvanized sheet

ENGINE : 380V AC, 3F

ENGINE CONTROL : The engine is controlled via current-protected inverter circuit, producing three phase using 220V input.

REMOTE CONTROL : Could be controlled by a button (30m) or keyless (3m) remote control. Thanks to the keyless remote module, the barrier recognizes the vehicle in motion from 3m and grants pass without clicking any button by simply attaching the remote to the vehicle key or placing it at any location inside the car. One barrier can identify up to 1-250 / 1-500 buttons or keyless remotes.

TIME CONTROL : If the barrier is desired to close automatically after a period of time, this period can be adjusted using the time control.

BUTTON CONTROL : The barrier operates with single or double button control. With single button control, the barrier performs the next action whenever clicked (closes if open, opens if closed). With double control, it is possible to use separate buttons for each action.

ACCESS CONTROL : Dry contact is used for pass triggering. Easily connected to all kinds of access control units and other peripheral units.

SENSOR CONTROL : In the event that the vehicle stops while crossing under the arm, the safety sensor will prevent the arm from moving down even if the barrier is triggered for closing action. Once the vehicle passes, system performs the delayed closing action. Additional safety sensor is used for trucks and lorries.

SMART ARM : The barrier arm is designed to sense the objects coming into contact during open-close action and acts accordingly. The arm could also be manufactured as breakable at crash (OPTIONAL).

SYSTEM : Electronic circuit is designed as microprocessor controlled. All of the optional features on the electronic circuit are ready for use. It is always possible to improve the system by making the peripheral connections.

WARNING LIGHT : The warning light blinks during the open-close action until the arm stops moving.

INDICATOR LIGHTS : A comfortable and highly secure access control is ensured by the green and red lights mounted on the barrier body (OPTIONAL).

REFLECTOR : Red reflector bands are visible at night and a "STOP" sign is placed on the arm.

EMERGENCY MODE : Can also be controlled by connecting to security systems (automatic free pass mode during emergency and fire alarm situations).

CUSTOM DESIGN : Offers a decorative look with its custom design for both indoor and outdoor.

INSTALLATION : Mounting kit provides fast and easy installation.

WARRANTY : 1 year