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In Mifare System, a microchip and smart card with mini software loaded in it are used.

Mifare card is practical; since the microprocessor card is encastered in it, it is not affected by water and outer atmosphere.

Information cannot be copied by people with bad intentions outside of the system. No degradation and loss occurs in the information.

It is not affected by magnets or magnetic ambiances; since it has the Passive card feature, it does not produce and shed any magnetic wave.

In the 13.56Mhz Mifare Card, an antenna is available together whit the chip.

Thanks to this feature, the card is able to read and store the data in the chip by means of the radio frequency without needing a loader.

While depends on the reader, the reading distance varies between 10cm and 20cm.

The contact-free smart card provides the user with benefits in the applications in a fast and convenient manner without inserting the card into the reader.

Mifare card is used in student identity information and processes, personnel passes, electronic passport, car park systems and automatic payment applications.