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  • Weight: 2.000 Kgs
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• ENERGY: 220 ± 10% VAC, 50Hz • WORKING HEAT: -25 -C to + 50MAC • PROTECTION CLASS: IP 68 (TS 3033 EN 60529) and IK 10 (TS EN 62262) • The system consists of a plate recognition system and an underground imaging unit. • The system is not affected by electromagnetic field. UNDERWATER IMAGING UNIT • The system has a color camera with 1 line scan at 2048 × 2 pixel resolution. • The system is activated when the vehicle passes the detection unit and the vehicle automatically closes after scanning. If desired, the system is activated manually. • Although one of the light sources used for under-vehicle lighting fails, the system continues to function. • There are heater resiztans in the system camera housing. • Images of the underside of vehicles passing at a speed of at least 30 (thirty) km / h can be viewed on the computer screen clearly and wholly. • Aluminum frame solar glass is used in the system. • Min. It measures 1980x295x650cm (wall thickness 2cm). • 20 - 40 mm high AlSi10Mg casting material is mounted on the Underground Imaging Unit. PLATE RECOGNITION SYSTEM • CAMERA: 1920 x 1080 pixel image transmission, 2 megapixel IP ONVIF camera, day color, night black and white (0,4 lx) image quality, • READ SENSITIVITY: min. 95% accuracy rate • WARNINGS: It gives an audible and visual warning when the system reads the plate. • NIGHT VISION: Infrared (IR) lighting with 50m domain • ENERGY: 12-24 VDC • PC: Screen resolution with a 1920 × 1080 pixel 24-inch monitor, 8-core processor at 3.4 GHz, 2 TB Harddisk, 8GB RAM / SDRAM memory, computer with 1 GB non-shared graphics. • In the plate recognition process, the front view of the incoming vehicle (with the plate) is taken by the camera to the plate recognition system and the plate recognition system automatically performs the plate recognition process. If desired, the plate can also be entered manually by the user. • are used. • The system operates on 10/100 Mbit Ethernet without the need for external video-capture and / or I / O card.