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M7000 (Robust)

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M7000 (Robust)

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POWER : 100-240 V AC


MATERIAL : 1,2 mm 304 quality stainless steel or electrostatic paint on metal sheet


ARM LENGTH : 43 cm

CONTROL : For pass triggering, it may be used by dry contact or 3-50 V DC impact, or by direct PC control with TTL, CMOS or RS232 - RS422 can be used. Up to 256 turnstiles can be supervised by a single PC. All sorts of access control units and other peripherals may be easily connected.

SYSTEM : Micro-processor controlled system. Operates in two directions. Allows passing in one direction. A data output available in the direction advanced. This my either be a digital output to additional equipment or may be sent directly to PC. We developed new mechanic which brakes circle movement of the turnstile arm with hydraulic shock absorber unit. System switches to automatic free passing mode in case of a power failure.

EMERGENCY MODE : Can be controlled by linking to security systems (automatic free pass mode in emergency situations and fire alarms).

DISPLAY PANELS : Illuminated three - level display provides access control for the system. If turnstile is ready for access, a green arrow flashes. When access is granted, the green arrow permanently lights up. At the moment of access, a red “X” sign appears for the opposite direction as an indication of blocked access.

SPECIAL DESIGN : Smooth and quiet access features are integrated in a decorative design by its unique configuration.

INSTALLATION : Assembly kit allows fast and easy installation.

APPLICATION : Wooden or granite options for top cover.

WARRANTY : 2 years




Dimensions (W x L x H) mm


280 x 1200 x 1100