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MAILok Carrier Cutting System - CCS

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MAILok Carrier Cutting System - CCS

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Creating of special formatted carriers - fully automatically

With the new Carrier Cutting System - CCS, card mailings in a standard format can automatically be cut to special formats. Due to the high flexibility of the system, it is possible to process different paper sizes and -thicknesses and also special formats. Even card carriers which had been folded and sealed by thermo- or press sealing systems can be processed without any effort on this system.

Pre-assembled carriers either with or without cards can be cut by the Carrier Cutting System - CCS to any special format. By using this system, the flexibility for

processing of GSM-mailings is increased immense since all standardised forms which had been used during prior processes – e.g. DIN-A 4 format – can then be cut on the Carrier Cutting System – CCS to the required „final“ special format.

Complex set-up times are therefore no longer necessary and depending on the amount of single carriers on each sheet, the performance of these systems are doubled, tripled or even quadrupled through one simple additional work step.

Due to an integrated reading unit, different protocols and audits can be created

in order to guarantee the appropriate high safety level of processing.

Through the modular construction of the Carrier Cutting System - CCS and based on the latest Otto Künnecke Technology, further processes like camera inspection or automatic inserting with/without franking can be integrated. This leads to an even higher safety level of production and better control.

Furthermore, the integration of the Carrier Cutting System - CCS to a mailing system for inline cutting of envelopes is possible.