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MAILok Envelope Inspection Sorting System - EISS

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MAILok Envelope Inspection Sorting System - EISS

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Automatic Envelope inspection and sorting

Today, in many countries there are numerous ways of dispatching envelopes with different forwarders. Due to an increasing use of different dispatchers through card issuing companies, card bureaus are forced to sort and label there envelopes in various ways. Due to the fact that this sorting usually has to be done in data preparation, the actual job sizes are getting smaller and smaller. The result is a reduced productivity and higher costs.

A change of the different requirements become daily business more & more:

- Different envelopes

- Envelopes have to be printed with different barcode or logos

- Envelopes have to be counted and sorted etc…

The Envelope Inspection Sorting System (EISS) is the answer from Otto Kuennecke to solve these problems and to get a higher efficiency in production.

The EISS inspects, verifies, prints and sorts your envelopes according to your requirements.

It is the perfect answer to save costs and is part of our “Smart bureau” approach. With its sister product Card Inspection Sorting System (CISS), it will increase your production capabilities.

The EISS is fully modular and can be configured and upgraded to your needs. The EISS is able to handle different sizes of finished envelopes.

The mailings are verified through a barcode or Datamatrix Code.

By checking the code in the window of the envelope, all necessary data of is loaded from the database. This includes weight of each envelope, the dispatch method, printing and all necessary sorting information. Envelopes, which are missing this information, are rejected. The weight of each envelope is then checked in the weight unit.

If the mailings aren’t complete, these mailings are rejected automatically.

The correct mailings can be marked with barcode or logo (for the respective mail-order company) in the ink-jet module.

At the end, the 100% proofed mailings are counted and sorted in boxes or on a conveyor in a fully automatic process!