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Safety Attached: MAILok Pad Applicator System - PAS

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Safety Attached: MAILok Pad Applicator System - PAS

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PIN- and other sensible numbers efficiently covered

To assure, that admission numbers, such like PIN- and PUK numbers reach the addressee unread by anybody else, the sensitive data is protected by label.

It becomes most important when a GSM-card is mailed together with its respective PIN number. If the protective label is damaged, the addressee can report the safety breach to the sender and avoid any further damage. This method has been proven to be absolute reliable.

The MAILok PAS is a very fast and comfortable way to attach such safety labels. And, it does not matter if the label is a pull-off sticker with a pre-punched perforation or a label with a rub-off field, so called scratch labels. Of course, it is also possible to position several labels above resp. next to each other.

The positioning is done with the highest possible accuracy by less than a millimetre.

As a card carrier the system can process either One-up or Two-up continuous paper format. Safety labels can be applied simultaneously to 2 parallel congruent processing lines.

Two different sensors check if the security labels have actually been attached and if they have been fixed at the correct position.