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MAILok Card Inspection & Sorting System - CISS

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MAILok Card Inspection & Sorting System - CISS

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Cards and jobs – automatic control, sorting, protocol and counting

With its manifold functions the Card Inspection & Sorting System (CISS) optimizes time consuming and safety relevant production steps. Processes,which needed to be handled manually in the past and consequently interrupted the work flow, will now be automated.

For intelligent job pre- preparation, the CISS system is an effective tool to prepare the right sequence of different virginal cards (“rainbow decks”) to be able to collate many small batches to high volume jobs. This big personalization job will optimize the following personalization process and will reduce downtimes of all common personalization equipment significant! Additionally all virginal cards can be tested according quality during the pre- preparation process by optical or electrical devices.

Part of the basic functions is the inspection (e.g. test the actual card state or the chip), the counting  (check if complete) and the sorting mode (e.g.split a batch according to the different card types).

Also the other way around! In case jobs have to be separated into smaller batches, because of personalization process, the CISS system automatically proves, re- organizes and collates these batches again to bigger jobs after production (e.g. branch sorting).

Therefore, errors occurring by human intervention can be avoided during the entire production cycle!

In combination with the DIALok Logistic Center (DLC), the retrieved production data can be verified to 100%, adjusted and written into a specific protocol.

Because of the high modularity, cards can be separated resp. collated to criteria, which are freely definable via chip- magnetic-stripe, OCR- and/or barcode (1D, 2D, DataMatrix) reading. For best integration in existing production environment, the CISS is compatible with card magazines of all common personalization systems by adaptor kit. Also collating of cards in boxes, jewel card cases or blister tapes is possible by post processing modules.

The CISS has modular design, which allows the system to be upgraded in range and functionality. Additional features such as the automated destructions of defect basic card material round up the overall performance of the CISS.