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MAILok Card Inspection & Sorting System - CISS 3

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 MAILok Card Inspection & Sorting System - CISS 3

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With integrated thermo transfer printer, magstripe encoding system and hot stamp unit for „scratch off“ foils

With the integration of a high-speed thermo transfer printer in combination with a high-speed magstripe encoding system the CISS platform has become one of the fastest personalization systems worldwide.

The system personalizes up to 6,500 cards per hour in a quality of up to 600 dpi and bears up to all requirements in the market.

Separation of the cards is done from any number of magazines, which can be activated driven by a data base. Thus it is also possible to process smallest jobs very effectively.

After separation the cards are transported cycled into a cleaning station and are then fed into the thermo transfer printer. Lettering of the cards is done in stand still mode via a servomotorically driven print head in the thermo module.

With this technology only the actually required amount of print foil per card is used. Afterwards the printed cards can be fed into a magstripe encoding system. All HICO or LOCO magnetic stripes according to ISO 7811 can be personalized on all three tracks. Alternatively it is also possible to integrate additional encoding systems such as chip or RFID, to be able to use the CISS for other applications as well.

With the integration of electronic as well as optical reading devices the cards are subjected to quality control after personalization, to ensure correct personalization.

All data are saved in a detailed production protocol and can thus be accessed as production proof.

As a further option a hot stamp module for scratch-off foil for example, could be integrated. Hereby pre-printed PIN numbers for example can be covered with a security label in one production step.

As this production step is also done in stand still mode of the card, here also only the actually required amount of foil per number is used.

With the modular structure of the CISS a manifold number of additional personalization devices such as ink-jet can be integrated.

This makes the CISS a platform for plastic cards, which can be individually configured for many applications depending on the requirements.

Through the modular design of the CISS the system can be upgraded in its functionality at any time.