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MAILok Card Inspection & Sorting System - CISS 2

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MAILok Card Inspection & Sorting System - CISS 2

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Card sorting, collecting, grouping, packaging and labelling

With its manifold functions the Card Inspection & Sorting System (CISS) optimizes time intensive and security relevant production steps. Steps that had to be carried out manually can now be automated. Furthermore, the CISS offers an effective solution for the packaging of plastic cards. In the CISS variable numbers of cards are collected in different card stacks and are grouped. 2 to 50 cards can be packed in one group. After grouping the single different card stacks are transported to the banding unit. In a CISS one or two banding units can be integrated – for single banding or cross-banding.

Integration of a network connection enables a 100% data logging (in- and output) as well as communication with the input files for different sorting and packaging criteria.

The modular structure of the CISS caters for different configuration possibilities for various requirements, as well as for variable upgrades for future needs. For sorting and control functions all current reading devices such as chip, magnetic stripe, barcode (linear and data matrix) as well as OCR systems can be integrated. Furthermore, colors, logos and even photos can be matched.

Card separation is done from magazines for which different adaptors are available. That way also magazines from existing personalization systems can be used.