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Passport Processing System – PPS-V

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Passport Processing System – PPS-V

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Automatic verification of passports

The Automatic PPS verification machine is a complete modular structured machine for the opening, inspection and verification of Passports.

The machine is feeding passports with one or two conveyors. The operator can feed passports during the machine is running in order to get a continuous process without stopping of the machine.

The passport opening device can open the cover page as well as the datapage of the passport if this is not located on the cover page. The opening process is smooth without damaging the passport.

After opening the datapage the passport is transported to the reading and verification modules. The following modules can be integrated:

- Video verification of MRZ-Zone

- Video verification of passport holder information (OCR)

- Video verification of photo (has to be defined; special contrast is necessary)

- Video verification of signature ( see above)

- UV inspection, IR inspection

- Contactless chip verification

By using the Dialok Data Center and the inspection mode all readings can be verified and matched between each other and with the original information from the data base. In this case any mismatch during printing and personalization can be detected.

After verification and inspection the passport is closed and transported to the next modules.

A labelling unit in combination with a thermo printer can print the necessary information on a label and attach this label to the backside of the appropriate passport. The label can be used for sorting and grouping information in other passport production machines. After printing and attachment the printed information is verified and matched with the passport information.

In case of mismatch or reading error in the verification or labelling module the passport is rejected and transported into the rejection box.

After applying labels the passport can be fed directly into sorting or packaging modules or transported into output conveyors. According to the sorting criteria the passports can be grouped on different conveyors. The passport verification system can be equipped with up to 10 conveyors.