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Passport Processing System – PPS - M

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Passport Processing System – PPS - M

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Automatic passport identifying, recording and sending

Since the recent terror attacks worldwide, requirements for worldwide security documents have increased heavily. Biometric identification gets standard for ID Documents. Due to security reasons, many countries require central production sites and a safe way of distribution. Especially, distribution costs of ID Documents can vary enormously depending on what kind is used.

Additional sensitive personal data on the Documents require a more sensitive way of dealing with citizens concerns. Therefore, more and more countries add an additional personalized letter with the ID Document.

Also, more and more countries send ID Documents like driver’s licences, ID cards,

but also passports via registered mail. This has an enormous impact and advantage for the citizens, especially in countries with a large amount of rural area but low population. Also, distribution cost is much lower than multi-level Distribution.

In addition to the existing Card Mailing Systems and in order to fulfil these requirements for ID3 Documents, Otto Kuennecke introduces the PPS – Passport Processing System - Mailing.

This system is completely modular and can meet all requirements for existing and future applications.

The basic functions of this system are to verify the ID Document and print the personal letter, based on the information.

This letter could include all personal data which is also stored on the chip of the passport. Together with additional brochures, e.g. how to handle the new secure electronic passport, all documents are inserted into an envelope.

Additional functions for registered mail could be integrated. In this case, a return note outside of the envelope is personalized by an extra printing device. Special labels for security applications, e.g. a security label to seal the envelope flap could also be integrated. A special sorting device could be integrated to sort finished envelopes to different branches, zip codes, etc. The proven DIALok Data Center guarantees safe and secure handling of personal data.