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Datacard® 150i

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Datacard® 150i

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Issue financial cards instantly and grow your business

The Datacard® 150i card personalization system delivers embossed ATM, debit and credit

cards in less than a minute, so you can give them directly to cardholders. This affordable

system is ideal for banks, credit unions and retailers that want to offer new card products,

increase revenue and strengthen customer loyalty.

• Expedite card usage and reduce costs. When you instantly issue cards with the 150i

system, cardholders can use them immediately. This eliminates the expense and risk of

sending cards through the mail. Instant issuance also maximizes valuable face-to-face

interaction with consumers, which helps build confi dence in your brand and creates

unique upselling opportunities.

• Promote new products. With the smart card coupler option, the 150i system can issue

contact or contactless payment cards that help differentiate your business. Growing

in popularity, contactless payment cards provide exceptional convenience and quick,

easy purchasing power for customers. To further support instant issuance and EMV®

applications, the 150i system is compatible with CardWizard® issuance software.

• Protect your assets. To guard against card theft and fraud, the 150i system requires

users to enter a password on the keypad to unlock the chassis cover. A password from

the host enables card production, and all entries are captured in an automated audit trail

to protect card stock. In addition, the 150i system supports the VISA® single and tripleDES

encryption requirement.