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Datacard® Syntera Customization Suite Software

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Datacard® Syntera Customization Suite Software

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Expand your opportunities with a universal interface

To gain a competitive advantage, card issuers often rely on operational and marketing

strategies that require a specialized approach. Datacard® Syntera® Customization Suite

software makes it faster and easier to bring these innovative ideas to life by integrating

unique software applications with the functionality of Datacard® card and passport

issuance platforms.

• Universal Interface. This universal interface allows you to create a variety of

customized applications for Datacard hardware while also taking advantage of Datacard

turnkey controller software. This seamless integration of custom and turnkey capabilities

reduces time and cost of developing custom applications, as well as future maintenance.

• Expansive capabilities. Syntera Customization Suite software creates exciting

new opportunities for adapting the hardware to perform tasks that fall outside its

conventional feature set. A comprehensive suite of modular interfaces is optimized

for specific operational functions, depending on your needs.

• Strong technology investment protection. Allows customers to migrate to new

technology and systems without changing existing processes. Custom applications

developed with Syntera Customization Suite software are much more robust than

conventional custom applications, so customers can create an application once and

use it often.

• More security options. Create custom applications that encrypt or decrypt sensitive

data during the production run.