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The Vehicle validator is a unit that is mounted in the vehicle and has a chip card reader, an information display, a memory card seat, a memory card (electronic circuit) and a control card.

It conducts and checks the validity of the card read, the types of cards, whether they have sufficient credits, black list tracking and credit reduction.

While conducting transaction via the vehicle validator card, a specific security protocol and algorithm are used.

It gives a warning during the transaction and a voice warning after the transaction for confirmation. The confirmation and the warning signals can be moved to external areas.

It keeps all the movements of transactions conducted in its memory according to the preferred data structure and amount.

It ensures communication with the identified environment units. It transfers the information accumulated in the memory in the form of a package via the cable connection.

Vehicle validator does the transactions according to the card type and tariff information. It is possible to change the tariff information and make them active or passive.

It is possible to carry out all the transactions online and to use it independently operating offline.

Standard period of transaction is maximum 1 sec.

Card reading distance of the card reader is 5 – 10 cm.

Vehicle validator was enriched with a 8 x 64 Graphic display for the visual effect and warning messages.

Voice warning messages are applied optionally.

It was designed as not to be affected by the ambiance conditions in the vehicle.