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Desktop Kartenlaser Personalisierungssysteme



DCLE Smart - Card

DCLE SMART The new complete flexible laser solution The DCLE SMART laser engraving system has been designed for Cards and Passport production and it’s ideal fort he mid volume production. Since the laser engraving represents the state-of-the-art in terms of security when dealing with card personalization Technologies,the natural target of the DCLE-SMART is Governement Bodies needing a compact,laser solution fort he management of their ID programs, Meeting the essential requirements of security,reliability and costs. Flexible and reliable,the DCLE-SMART is going to become leader in the category. An automatic card feeder with a capacity of up to 500 cards,gives the operator the freedom to carry on other tasks during a production lot. Furthermore,with the adjustment of the laser focal point and speed it’s possible to control the marking depth,for instance when it’s required a tactile effect.
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